The Gap in Early Work

Many projects have just disappeared- lost, given away...stolen. Some examples:
1) Caricature done in felt pen of my 3rd grade substitute teacher nicknamed "Sarge" all dressed up in military garb with medals, ribbons and bars.
2) Mosaic of President Richard M. Nixon made with a variety of dried beans.
3) My 4th grade entry poster for the school environmental contest of a U.S. flag flying proudly from a pole stuck in a garbage heap-very controversial.
4) A papier mache camel covered in yellow tissue paper-given to my Dad, taken to his office where it resided until one day he comes in and it isn't there.

We still have this pine cutting board that I made when I joined the 4H in 3rd grade. After I made this for my Mom I quit the club and went rogue...I wasn't 4H material.

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